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ConnectAgain Overview

Step 1: Members communicate with one another via email or optionally they can allow for texting. A members profile will contain their first name, their last name and their DOB for current age calculation. DOB is not displayed, only the calculated age is displayed to pontential matches.

Step 2: A new member will create 2 or more footprint entries in the ConnectAgain database. A footprint entry is typically used to identify a school that they attended or a company where they were previously employed. There are 4 data elements in each footprint entry:

First name - your first name or generally accepted nickname.

School/company name - can be the complete or partial name or the generally accepted initials, i.e. OSU, NYFD, IBM, UCLA, USMC.

Zip code - this is the zip code where you worked or the zip code of the school you attended.

Year - the last year you attended the identified school or the last year of your employment at said company. Year matches allow for a 5-year range.

Step 3: The last step allows members to enter search entries into the database. Basically giving them the ability to search for and connect with past acquaintances. Search entries are earned via referrals. Each member is assigned a unique referral-code. For every new member referred using a members referral-code that member can post 3 database search entries. With this referral method the database will grow exponentially very quickly. We recommend that members post their referral-code url on their social media sites to obtain many referrals very quickly.

The matching process takes place in realtime as new ConnectAgain footprints are added by members. A potential match occurs based on the following matches:

  1. Zip codes

  2. School/company name

  3. First names align

  4. Year entries within 5-years
ConnectAgain is a free service. In the future there may be an annual membership fee requirement. Although anyone that becomes a member prior to membership fees being enacted will never need to pay membership fees.

There is no limit to the number of ConnectAgain footprint entries that a member can post. ConnectAgain search entries are earned based on referrals as stated above.